Meet Our Staff

Jackson Orthodontics prides itself on employing a certified orthodontic staff. Our experienced staff is specially trained to provide outstanding orthodontic services to our patients. We are committed to providing an excellent orthodontic experience to the Tampa Bay area in a warm and friendly atmosphere. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your treatment, please do not hesitate to ask one of our knowledgeable team members.

Debie (C.O.A., L.M.T.***) started in orthodontics in 1971 and joined our practice in 1976. She became a licensed massage therapist in 1986 (#MA6833) She is our office’s TMJ Coordinator and massage therapist (#MM14511).

Donna (C.O.A.) graduated from Elkhart University of Medical and dental Technique in 1964 and has been in the dental field ever since. She has been with our practice since 1993.

Kristin (C.O.A.) started in orthodontics in 1987 and joined our practice in 1994 as an assistant and treatment coordinator.

Mary Beth has been involved in orthodontics since 1992. She has been with our practice since 1999 and is one of our treatment coordinators.

Deni (C.O.A.) was a former patient. So inspired by her ortho experience, she became an assistant in 2005.

Emily Grace (C.O.A.) was another former patient who joined our staff as an assistant in 2014.

Amanda R. (C.O.A.) joined Jackson Orthodontics in 2016, but has been an orthodontic assistant since 2011. Amanda is fluent in both English and Spanish.

** C.O.A. – Certified Orthodontic Assistant
*** L.M.T. – Licensed Massage Therapist