Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Joseph C. Jackson, Jr. was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. He graduated from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1964 with a BS degree in both biology and chemistry. Dr. Jackson received his dental degree (D.D.S) from Howard University in Washington D.C. in 1969 where he was given the Dean’s award for superior academic achievement, excellence in clinical skills, and exemplary character. He was selected as the Top Intern in 1970 in the United States Air Force (USAF) where he did his dental internship. He went on to get his Certificate in Orthodontia from Howard University in 1974.

Dr. Jackson is a member of the Florida Board of Orthodontics, and became a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) in March of 1988, a feat accomplished by only a small percentage of orthodontists nationwide. He has served as secretary of the United Way of Pinellas County, and also served as president of the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of Pinellas County, an organization in which he remains very active. When he has time off, “Dr. J” enjoys golf, fishing, and traveling with his wife Monique.

Dr. Jackson understands the importance of keeping up-to-date with current trends, and so he regularly participates in continuing education classes.

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Recent Continuing Education Classes

March 2013 The Management of a Successful Orthodontic Practice: Dr. Anoop Sondhi, Florida Association of Orthodontists Seventy
Third Annual Session - Tampa, FL
March 2013 Malpractice Seminar: Elizabeth Franklin, Florida Association of Orthodontists Seventy
Third Annual Session - Tampa, FL
September 2012 CONTROVERSIES AND INNOVATIONS IN ORTHODONTICS, An overview and discussion designed for dental hygienists: Dr. Joseph Jackson and 3M Unitek
Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, FL
*Lecture written and presented by Dr. Joseph Jackson
March 2012 3M Unitek, Incognito Appliance System Advanced Course: Dr. Neil Warshawsky and Cathy Sundvall
Monrovia, CA
December 2011 3M Unitek, Incognito Appliance System: Drs. Schulhof, Grauer, Warshawsky, et al.
Annual Users Meeting - Nassau, Bahamas
October 2011 CPR and AED Certification: Robert T. Donaghy.
American Safety & Health Institute - St. Petersberg, FL
October 2011 Orthosynetics Annual Meeting: Drs. Koceja, Bagden, Warshawsky, Brown & Maria Bailey. - Austin, TX 6hrs
April 2010 University of Florida Dental School, Orthodontic Department: Dr. Timothy Wheeler, Chairmain.
Presented 2 hour lecture to Orthodontic Residents & Teachers. Subject: Dr. Andrew's Six Elements Orthodontic Philosophy - Gainsville, FL
12hrs Prep
2hrs Presenting
April 2010 World Clinical Laser Institute: Dr. Robert L. Waugh, Jr.
Associate Fellowship, Guidelines & Clinical Application Diode Laser - Athens, GA
March 2010 3M Unitek, Incognito Advanced Course: Dr. Neil Warshawsky.
Incognito Advanced Course - Atlanta, GA
August 2009 Lawrence F. Andrews Foundation: Drs. Boucher, Hallman & Tremont.
Six Elements Orthodontic Philosophy Course - Pittsburg, PA
June 2009 Align Technology, Inc. Case Studies - mild crowding & moderate crowding 2 hrs
February 2009 Joint Conference - AAO & AAP 13.5hrs
March 2009 Florida Association of Orthodontists Annual Meeting 8hrs
February 2008 Prevention of Medical Errors 2hrs
October 2008 Scans and Scans: CT and MR 16hrs
May 2007 Effectiveness & Efficiency in the Decision for Early Treatment 2hrs
  An Evidence-Based Assessment of the Stability of Open Bite Therapy 2hrs
  The Evolution of Orthodontic Bonding: An Evidence-Based Overview 2hrs
  The Retrognathic/High Angle Herbst Patient 2hrs
  Update on Lingual Orthodontics 2hrs
  The Radiology Decision 2hrs
  Clinical Applications of 3D Imaging 2hrs
June 2007 Piper Joint Based Occlusion 20hrs
October 2007 CPR/AED Adult and Pediatric 4hrs
October 2006 The Use of 3D Imaging in Private Orthodontic Practice 2.5hrs
  Implant Anchored Biomechanics 5hrs
  Straightening Teeth and Faces 5hrs
  Treating the Strong-Willed Child and Teen Proofing 5hrs
  Anterior Dental Esthetics 1.5hrs
  Tooth Shape and Proportionality 4hrs
February 2005 The 6 Elements of Orthodontic Philosophy 20hrs
March 2005 The Herbst Appliance in Modern Orthodontics 9hrs
April 2005 The 6 Elements of Orthodontic Philosophy 20hrs
July 2005 The 6 Elements of Orthodontic Philosophy 20 hrs
September 2005 Core Therapy for the Intermediate to Advanced TMJ 20 hrs
October 2004 The 6 Elements of Oral-Facial Harmony 21hrs
January 2001 Georgia Association of Orthodontists 12hrs
April 2001 TMJ Diagnostics and Basic Management 22hrs
June 2001 Therapy for Intermediate to Advanced TMJ 21hrs
June 2000 The 10 Must Know Factors About Occlusion and TMJ 21hrs
November 2000 The 10 Essential Elements or a Highly Effective Restorative Practice 21hrs